How to Kiss a girl

If you’re like me, you’ve probably worried about how to kiss a girl. When is the right time? What if she rejects me? Do I use tongue? … The technique, timing and fear over rejection was just too much to take in. I needed a complete guide and there didn’t seem to be a definitive help…. until now.

It’s usually always that fear of rejection that stops you cold, especially if you have gone in for a kiss, only to be met by the cheek……and that can all change, like it did for me when I came across Tao of Badass.

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Of all the different types of rejection, being denied a kiss is perhaps the worst because:

1) If you are at the stage where you are ready to land that kiss, chances are you have invested a good amount of time into the interaction.

2) Making a crucial error at this stage of the proceedings can put a damper on any chance of ever moving onto the seduction stage.

If you are out with the boys at the bar and you take the time to talk to girls, you have a good chance of hitting it off with at least one, leading to the probability of a kiss.

There are a ton of mistakes that you can make at this point, but fortunately I have discovered an amazing technique that will severely limit your chances of failure.

Read on for more.

Once you have learned the how to kiss a girl Technique you will understand how to send out subconscious triggers while you speak. These will get her thinking about nothing but kissing you.

How powerful is that?

Just imagine how amazing it would be to have complete control over whether or not a woman wants to kiss you.

Far too many guys make the mistake of just going with the flow, which usually just ends up in failure and disappointment.

You will never know how receptive she is to being kissed by you if you allow the situation to play out for too long.

The more you hesitate, the more reserved she will become.

Your lack of making any kind of move will start to raise red flags in her head, the most common of which is that you aren’t really interested in her.

Timing is everything in these situations, though, and going in for a kiss at the wrong point in the interaction can make you look needy. One of the best tips on how to kiss a girl is to not move into quickly, making it appear as though you have little or no experience with women.

Even if you are someone that is a little needy, you have to give off the vibe that you are not. It’s important to no let your fear of rejection shine through, which won’t happen if you are already sure that she will kiss you.

That positivity comes from using the Kiss a girl Technique.

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In order to make it work, you have to combine a pair of important psychological concepts that will help you master the kiss.

The first of that pair is known as triangular gazing.

This is a technique that you should employ once you have established a good rapport with the girl. You do it by looking from one eye to the other, then shifting your gaze to her mouth.

When your attention shifts to her mouth, you will automatically start to think about kissing her, especially since that single action is connected to the thoughts of kissing.

The exciting news is that the exact same thing happens with women.

You might not believe that it can get any better than that, but it does. You can actually subconsciously lead her to feel more attracted, but how?

That’s where the second part, known as Mirroring, comes into play.

Putting triangular gazing and mirroring into a single technique will instantly lead her to subconsciously start thinking about kissing you.

Once you establish that all-important rapport, turn your attention to her mouth. Allow your gaze to linger for a couple of seconds before moving back to the eyes in the way I described in the triangular gazing section. When you go back to the mouth, allow your gaze to last a little longer.

Keep the eyes involved, but increasing the time spent on her mouth incrementally: 2,3, then 5 seconds.

The time will come when most of your attention will be on her mouth.

When she starts to look at your mouth in the same way, it’s the signal that she is ready to kiss you.

Just like that, the Kiss Eliminates the clumsy act of making a move.

Once you have mastered this technique, you will go from being a hesitant man, to a confident, perceptive one that women will find completely sexy.

She will automatically assume that you know how to treat a woman, giving her the confidence to take that next step with you.’

While that’s more than enough for most guys, you may be one that likes when the girls leans into you for the kiss. To master that, there is a single sentence you need to know.

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How to kiss a girl video

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How do you kiss a girl in 40 seconds or less – for real

Think about how often you have been in a bar and seen a guy walk up to a girl he obviously doesn’t know, yet somehow manages to end up kissing her. The question of how do you kiss a girl in that manner is not answered by learning magic, but rather learning technique.

There are simple tips on how to kiss a girl that can be applied in a few easy steps that will allow you to be that guy. Let’s take a look at those steps.

The first step has more to do with the woman than it does with the guy. The biggest difference between a seemingly confident guy and one that has no luck with women is the ability to recognize women that are ready and willing to make out.

While that may sound odd, it’s actually the absolute truth. If you approach a woman, any woman, and have no idea what those signs are, your chances of getting kissed become that much slimmer.

In order to be just like “that guy” you need to be able to pick out those women that are already in that ready to make out state.

You may have heard that women don’t want that to happen, but that’s just a myth.

Women can be just as sexual as men, and are in fact sometimes even more so. The opportunity to engage in those quick make out sessions often passes because guys are just too timid.

If you want to learn how to get a woman to make out with you in 40 seconds or less, you first have to spot the women that are ready to do so.

There are in fact a number of different giveaways, especially in a bar or club setting, that will let you know if a woman is ready to make out instantly.

Here’s what you need to be looking for.

The first thing to look for is a woman that is looking down. This is not a sign that she is avoiding eye contact, but that she is accessing her emotions.

Simply put, the direction in which we look usually correlates with the part of the brain we are accessing. These are commonly known as “Eye Accessing Cues,” and when a woman looks down , it usually means she is access the emotional part of her brain.

If you make eye contact with a woman and notice that she looks down before looking at you again, she is basically letting you know that she has an emotional response to you. If the act of looking down includes the tilting of her head as well as the lowering of the eyes, that is a sign that she is showing submission.

It’s then that you should approach her and display your dominant side.

The situation is a little different if she gives you a smile, but maintains eye contact. This is a little trickier as she is not showing signs of submission and is instead meeting you head on.

The women who are the most likely to want to make out with you in the first 40 seconds are those that automatically display a level of submission. If you see that, it’s a pretty sure sign that she is ready to make out quickly.

Another trait that you should be on the lookout for in women is when they are actively looking around in an effort to make eye contact. A woman who maintains eye contact with a single person is going to be very tough to seduce in 40 seconds or less.

If a woman is engaged in conversation, but who is continually scanning the room in an attempt at eye contact with others, she is looking for someone to catch her eye. It’s that type of woman who is the most likely to quickly engage in activity that goes beyond mere conversation.

You should also be on the lookout for the way in which women dress and move their bodies. A woman who is standing with her feet shoulder length apart is in a position that does not bode well for being approached. This is because she has adopted a dominant stance and is displaying a body language that displays resistance.

The woman that you should be looking for is one who is taking up a lot less space and who seems to be slightly away from the group, eyes scanning the room.

It may also come as a surprise to many guys to learn that women that are dressed in a flashy, attention grabbing way are the ones who are least likely to be open to making out in less than 40 seconds.

Those types of women just want attention and have no interest in being dominated. Your ideal woman is one that sits somewhere in the middle of not caring and demanding that you stare at their cleavage. You want a woman who rests somewhere between the girl that wears sweat pant to the bar and the one that is dressed in a low-cut, revealing shirt.

Once you have all of those things clear in your mind and you see a woman that fits the bill, stop and watch her for a moment. Make sure all of those traits listed above are in place and then go ahead and approach her.

There are likely to be at least three or four of these types of girls in the bar, so choose who you like best and go towards her.

Now what?

Now you have to assert a powerful frame control. If you want to look like someone who is a pro at approaching women, it’s imperative you learn how to control another person’s frame.

The term frame basically just means reality, which in short adds up to you being in complete control of what the other person experiences. You need to use that skill to get the woman to the point where she is immediately comfortable making out with you.

Here’s what you need to do when you see the woman you want. You walk up to her and wait until she turns to make eye contact with you. When she does that, gently place a finger on her lips and say, “Shhh.”

The next step is to deepen the tone of your voice and slow down your regular speech pattern, whilst saying, “Wait just one moment.”

You could also opt to say something like, “stop for a minute” or perhaps switch out stop with words like “wait” or ‘don’t” as people tend to really listen to what follows those words.

For example, if someone says to you, “Don’t think of a white mouse,” the first thing that pops into your head is a white mouse.

The same rules apply when talking to a girl. If you say, “Don’t make out with me right now,” they will consciously hear those words, but their subconscious will be telling them to go ahead and make out with you.

If you have ever seen the movie Inception, then you’ll have an idea of exactly what you are trying to accomplish when using this method. You want her to believe the idea of making out is hers alone.

You shouldn’t bother wasting your time trying to seduce women that are not giving off those signs. Focus your attention on finding women who are waiting to be dominated.

The next words you say are very important and should be something like, “We are both about to share a little secret. We are going to kiss and no one will ever know.”

As you speak those words, you should be leaning in towards her, ever so slowly. You should be switching your gaze from her eyes to her lips and back again.

That is a technique that is known as triangulating. Take your time to look into her eyes, then move down to her lips, count to two, then back up to the eyes. Continue to follow that pattern, lingering a little longer on the lips each and every time.

How can you tell its working?

If you notice that she is looking at your lips, it’s a sure sign that she is waiting to be kissed. If she is focused on your eyes, you may want to turn away for a moment before starting the triangulation process again.


Bars and clubs tend to be noisy places, which mean you will have to raise your voice to be heard. Continue to keep your voice at a lower level so that you will be forced to stay close to her and her ear.

When you are in close, continue to talk, saying things like, “No one is looking. This will be our little secret. If you promise not to tell anyone, I will too. This kiss will be between us and no one else.”

As you speak into her ear, breathe a little heavier than you normally would. The feeling of your hot breath on her ear and neck is something that she will find to be very sexually exciting, and it may elicit little moans of pleasure.

Move in a little closer as you speak, until your cheek is pressed against hers. Then slowly move your head around and position your mouth close to hers before moving in and placing a kiss on her lips.

Done properly, that first gentle peck will quickly turn into a deep, passionate kiss. While 40 seconds may not seem like very much time, but it’s an eternity when using this technique. Chances are it may not even take as long as 40 seconds if you do everything right.

And there you have it how to kiss a girl in 40 seconds or less.

Discover my other top 3 “Seduction Secrets” in this special video presentation. 

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Never kissed a girl – Top 5 Ways how Men Kill the Attraction

If you have never kissed a girl and wonder what you might be doing wrong, read on. So much effort is put into doing the right thing when flirting that people seem to forget that there are definite wrongs that take place, too. If you are having no success with the ladies, it may very well be that you are doing one or more of the following things.

1. Talking too much about past relationships
Talking about your ex is fine if it comes up naturally in conversation, but try to steer clear of the subject completely if at all possible. Try to keep the conversation grounded in the present, which will also keep her from talking about her past lovers, too.

2. Avoiding eye contact
Humans are all very visual, which is why eye contact is so important. Being able to maintain eye contact during a conversation is a sign of confidence and even domination. When she responds to questions that you pose her, hold that eye contact, as this will show her that you are very self-confident, and more importantly, that you are truly interested in everything that she has to say.

3. Keeping your hands to yourself.
We are taught from an early age that touching is something that should only be done in the most intimate of settings. That’s not always the case, though, and touch can be used to project confidence and a connection with the woman you are talking to. Keep the touching friendly, saving the more flirtatious contact for later in the evening. Greet her with a handshake when you meet, guide her gently by the arm, or touch her should to accentuate a compliment or point you are trying to make.

4. Devaluing your own worth.
Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that a beautiful, intelligent woman is too good for you. No matter how much you try to cover your true feelings, she will sense that your confidence is lacking. If you don’t even have the self-confidence to approach a woman to engage in conversation, how are you ever going to figure out how to kiss a girl? Focus on the things that you like about yourself and work on your self-image every chance you get.

5. Not paying attention to her body language.
You might have what you believe to be the perfect flirtation strategy, but it will fail every time if you forget on simple rule, and that is that attraction is something that has to happen between you both. If your first attempt at flirtation fell flat, don’t just jump to your next line or strategy. Take a moment to consider why your first attempt fail Did you notice something about the way she looked or reacted while you were speaking. Perhaps she thought you were coming on too strong or perhaps believed you to be lacking in self-confidence. Pay attention to her body language and adjust your flirtation accordingly.

You need to remember that all of the cool tricks and techniques that you have in your flirtation toolbox will be useless if they aren’t applied properly. Make sure to stay in the present when talking and don’t try to turn to miracle fixes when you strike out. Pay attention to how you act and behave around women that you are attracted to and be on the lookout for the items listed above. A woman wants to see that you are confident and engaged when talking to her, so really pay attention and watch for signs that she may be starting to tune you out. If you can keep the 5 items listed above in your mind at all times, chances are you will get to kiss that beautiful women, or perhaps even take it a step or two further.

I hope you enjoyed my article never kissed a girl. If you are interested in learning more about how to kiss a girl then make sure you check out my other articles.

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Kissing a girl for the first time – The Art Of Kissing

Even if you have never kissed a girl, you have probably spent at least a little amount of time thinking about it. For many, the simple act of thinking about that first kiss is enough to produce a flop sweat and a bout of shaking, especially nerve racking is kissing a girl for the first time. It’s perfectly natural to be nervous about doing something for the first time, but it doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking situation if you have an idea what to do beforehand. Your first kiss is something that should always be memorable, so let’s look at some tips on kissing a girl that might help you get over your trepidation and make it an experience you will never forget.

There are many different ways to kiss a girl, but for your first time out, you should try to keep it simple. Everything gets better with practice, so save those advanced kissing techniques for a time when you become more comfortable with, not just the act of kissing, but the girl who is the object of your affections. A kiss is something that should never be forced, so be sure to let it happen naturally. Even in you have never kissed a girl before, the signs that it is about to happen are fairly obvious. You will both naturally start moving closer together, and you might find that she is licking her lips or looking at yours regularly.

When you get close to the kiss, give your lips a little lick. This is very much a sign to the girl that you are about to kiss her, but it also has the added bonus of keeping your lips nice and moist, which is the perfect state for kissing. As you get a little closer, make sure to close your eyes. While some people like to leave their eyes open during a kiss, most people find it a little creepy to see that you are staring at them during the act. The funny thing is that you will probably not even have to think about that, as it tends to happen naturally anyways.

When kissing a girl for the first time, you shouldn’t be afraid to use your hands. By that I don’t mean pawing at her, but rather placing your hands on her waist, or perhaps even caressing her neck as the kiss becomes more passionate. While it’s the lips that do the majority of the work, your whole body experiences that sensation of that kiss, so really think about adding a little touching to heighten the sensation. Keep your lips contact gentle, parting your lips ever so slightly. This helps keep the kiss soft, but also allows space for the tongue should it progress into a French kiss. Again, don’t try to force that issue and simply allow it to happen naturally.

Even the quickest of first kisses can feel like it lasted forever if you follow these few simple tips. If you can relax your body and land that first kiss perfectly, chances are good she is going to want to lean in for more.

I Hope this article has helped you with the best techniques on how to kiss a girl.

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